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This is Avenir

This is Avenir


Avenir is an executive search and management selection consultancy established in 1997. We specialize in the search, selection and evaluation of top and middle management, as well as highly qualified specialists in various fields of activity.

Avenir had joined CFR Global Executive Search Group in 2009 as the exclusive CFR partner in Russia and CIS. Through its membership of CFR Avenir has the ability to recruit internationally and source candidates from and to the global marketplace. CFR Global Executive Search Group present in 30 countries with 57 offices and 350+ consultants.

Since its foundation Avenir has maintained long term relationships with a diverse range of over 300 domestic and international clients and helped select, attract, retain and develop the best of talent across Russia, Kazakhstan, Belorussia, Ukraine and other CIS countries as well as Estonia, Latvia, Lithuania.

Today Avenir confidently holds its position in the national rating of top-20 leading Executive Search & Selection companies in Russia, striving to keep this high rank among the best and most reputable executive search and recruitment firms in Russia.

Our values
Our values



Our clients' trust is our main motivation. We believe in close long term relationship - working together - to solve today`s and potential problems, and create a competitive base through our superior services. We take great effort to act as a strategic and forward-looking partner, and to participate actively in all stages of human resources formation and the development of our clients.


As member of the global alliance we apply our guidelines and procedures in line with best international standards. At the same time, we are actively working on their development, the formation of our own best practice, as a key element of our competitive advantage. Our strength lies in our people and partners who always deliver what they promise. One of our main competitive advantages is the short time of search and the quality of candidates, selected for our clients' vacancies, thanks to the Direct Search method we widely use.


We measure our success by our clients' results. We are committed to delivering solutions that work. Our major goal is to help companies to find and select the best individuals and teams can work effectively and boost profitability, who can adapt and add value to company’s strategic goals and corporate values.

Our Consultants

Our consultants have solid business and life experience, which they successfully utilize working on projects within corresponding industries. 


We aim not only evaluating a candidate's professionalism, personality and leaderhip, but also accurately predict how successful this candidate will be in a particular role in your organization.

Maxim Stepanov

Partner, CEO

Maxim has more than 20 years of executive management and entrepreneurial experience. He has been working at Avenir since 1997. Combining a CEO and an executive search consultant roles, Maxim mainly focuses on international and in-country executive search projects, as well as on the Avenir's strategy and business development.

Maxim obtained an MBA with the American Institute of Business and Economics (AIBEc) in 2004. He is also a certified Finance and Accounting expert.

Maxim Smirnov

Partner, Consultant Executive Search

Maxim joined Avenir in the beginning of 2016. He has a wide experience in the HR-field as an Executive Search Consultant and Business Development Manager in leading Russian recruitment agencies, as well as in IT-companies, particularly, specializing in IT.


In Avenir Maxim is responsible for the selection of highly qualified specialists and managers in the IT and Telecom-industries, manufacturing, and automotive business, including technical sales, consulting and jurisprudence.

Julia Oreshchenko

Consultant Executive Search

Julia has been working in the field of HR Management for more than 10 years and is highly qualified both as an external professional consultant and as an internal HRD Manager. Julia obtained her skills and priceless experience both in personnel search and selection and in personnel management and development working for the Foreign Language School Master Class, Recruitment Company Recadro and TransLink Translating Company - the largest in Russia and the third Eastern Europe.

Julia has a wide knowledge and deep understanding of International Recruitment processes.

Natalia Braga

Project Manager

Natalia has acquired excellent skills in communications, marketing and project management, as well as deep understanding of the principles of doing business in multinational corporate culture, working at Ernst & Young and Bristol-Myers Squibb.

Natalia graduated from the Moscow Humanitarian University in Global economy. She speaks Russian, German and English.

Since 2014 Natalia is engaged in business development and executive search projects management.

Daria Abhinav


Daria has a higher profile education in the field of Personnel Management. Avenir was the first company for Daria where, after finishing academy, she started developing her professional career in the field of Personnel Management. 

In the period from 2014 to 2017, Daria gained significant and valuable experience in the field of talent acquisition, evaluation and development, working for such major international companies as METRO Cash & Carry and Huawei Technologies – the leaders in their industries.

Daria is highly professional in the use of modern search tools and methods

Andrey Alabin

Expert (Information technologies)


Andrey joined Avenir in 2000. From the first days in the company, Andrey actively participate in all in-house and clients' projects where IT expertise is important. He spent his early career years working as an IT specialist and manager working for various production, trading and service companies.


Andrey obtained his MBI IT in 2005 and to date, he constantly improves his IT expertise.

Karina Stepanyan

Expert (Business Development, Sales and marketing)


She has more than ten years of experience in sales and marketing in a number of major Russian and international companies. Karina's broad knowledge and understanding of various spheres of business as well as her experience in managing people and complex regional projects are valuable assets to Avenir.


Karina work as an Expert being involved in local market and international Executive Search projects, where deep expertise in sales and marketing is required.

Maria Gracheva

Consultant Assistant, Researcher


Maria has marketing education and has excellent graphic design skills. She has been successfully working at Avenir as a Researcher, making an important contribution to the common cause of the company.


Maria joined Avenir in the beginning 2012. She started her career as an office manager. She became interested in recruiting soon and has successfully realized herself in this new field.


Maria speaks Russian and English.

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