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Every business is a business of people. People are the most valuable and natural resource of any company. We focus on the individual – the most important element in a well-organized system of any company.

HR Consulting


The formation of personnel potential, development and maintaining of a smooth-running mechanism for expanding the team when necessary are some of the most crucial tasks top management focus on today.

Management Asessment


People are one of the first key objects of any investment project, which successful outcome largely depends on the ability to select the right people at the right time to key positions in the company.

We aim not only evaluating a candidate's professionalism and personality, but also accurately predict how successful this candidate will be in a particular position in a company.

Executive search


One of our main competitive advantages is the short search time and the quality of candidates, selected for our clients', which is gained due to to the direct search approach, our understanding of the client business and the specific requirements and preferences, effective communication in course of project performance and timely reaction to finest implications and nuances from the first meeting with the client to acceptance of the client terms of engagement by the selected candidate.

Search methods


Avenir is ready to offer the following approaches to the organization of search:


  • Direct Search / Headhunting

  • Open Search

  • Regional Search

  • International Search

  • Relocation

  • Interim Management solutions


A certain method or combination of methods are employed individually for every Client and particular vacancy aiming to achieve best time and cost efficient result.

Search process



  • Understanding the client’s business market, model, structure of organization, corporate values and strategic objectives;

  • Development of search strategy and schedule. Identifying the industries, companies and contacts that will be useful for this search;


  • Conducting research in accordance with agreed strategy;

  • Initial filter of candidates, conducting structured interviews, assessment of personal and professional qualities, collection of recommendations;

  • Motivating the relevant candidates to consider the client's job opportunity;


  • Client's interviews with candidates, determining of finalists. Check on final candidates' references from the 2 previous places of work;

  • Selection of the candidate, negotiating of job offer with the selected candidate;


  • Once the task is accomplished, short-term and long-term evaluation of the achieved results is also of great importance. Short-and long-term assessment of a selected canditate's progress. If the candidate has left within probation period, replacing the candidate. Additional verification of the new search strategy may be required.

We are ready to take an active part in the meetings with the candidates at any stages of selection.

Executive search
Management Asessment
HR Consalting
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