Executive Search

Avenir Executive is a consulting company specializing in the search and selection of top managers

  • Since its foundation in 1997, Avenir has managed to form a highly professional team, acquire advanced methods and technologies for searching and evaluating potential job applicants. During this period we have devised and implemented our own unique techniques, established contacts in various business sectors and market segments, created a wide network of partners both within and outside Russia
  • Avenir has been an active member of the American Chamber of Commerce and the European Business Club since 1999. Our close interactions in professional circles and participation in the activities of different business associations have allowed us not only to constantly expand our network of partners in the business community, but also to enrich our understanding of various industries and corporate cultures. This, in turn, gives us access to specific knowledge which we need to execute different projects

To get more information, please contact the Avenir Executive company at (+7 495) 139-0991 or send an e-mail request to: